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Preparing your quilt properly  will save you time, money and give better results.

Make sure your top and backing are pressed, loose threads trimmed and that your backing and batting are a good 6 inches bigger than your top.  That means a 80x100 quilt should have a minimum 86x106 batting and backing.  (you would be amazed how much a top stretches during quilting)  The trimmings make great binding so nothing goes to waste.

SHEETS AS BACKING  Sheets can be used BUT this is not the time to purchase the 10 million thread count Egyptian cotton type.  Quilting fabric has a thread count of 150ish and that is the type of fabric these machines are designed to work with.  So for best results with sheets, wash them first and minimize the thread count.

BATIKS are also troublesome due to their high thread count.  I have successfully stitched many quilts with batiks but it totally depends of what other fabrics are also in the quilt.

WHITE ON WHITE FABRIC is the other thing that longarms are not fond of.  It has something to do with how the white pattern is applied to the white fabric.  Again, I have successfully stitched many of these fabrics, but combine them with sheets, and batiks and my machine has a temper tantrum.

PATTERNS  are all done free hand.  To attached a computer guided system was a $10,000 accessory.  (Accessory??? sheesh I call that kind of money a down payment on a house)

Simple edge to edge stippling is the most cost effective.  There are different types of stipple that I can do, or you might prefer an all over loop do loop.  The manner of quilting depends on the fabric itself, thickness of batting, and most of all the pattern of the quilt itself.

COST  using a simple pattern as mentioned above is 1.5 cents per square inch, so an 80x100 quilt would be $120.00 (80x100x.015=120)

If you require something more dense or customized then it is more costly.  Price would be determined as we worked together to come up with the most cost effective way to achieve you goal.

minimum charge $25.00

There is no tax and I provide the thread as these machines can be a bit temperamental where thread is concerned.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me on the form below or give me a call. 902-521-7780

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A few months ago I needed a quilt quilted and had no luck finding anyone in the neighborhood that was taking on new projects and presto!!!!! Alison Low Longarm Quilting was born.